The National Veterans Memorial Museum will be a repository of information about the men and women who served in conflicts and non-combat missions that the United States has been involved in since World War II – and about those missions as they unfolded.

We are in the information and education business – providing accounts of and documenting what happened and how these conflicts and humanitarian efforts have been critically important in shaping our nation.

There is a vast body of information on what America’s military servicemen and women have done in promoting the cause of peace, providing relief efforts where desperately needed, as well as preserving and promoting freedom and democracy worldwide – efforts that continue through the present day.

Much about the American military and our soldiers’ work in the world has not been thoroughly documented or publicized. A great volume of important information resides only in the memories and personal records of those who actually served.

We will capture all the information we can through correspondence, and recorded recollections of our warriors and their families – indeed all those who have served our nation in military operations – combined with extensive research efforts.

We invite you to become part of the mission, partake of opportunities to both contribute to and learn about what has been undertaken by American service personnel who have served worldwide.

Through our website we will strive to keep you informed of progress in the development of our museum facilities, the design of which is well under way. Your questions and ideas are welcome. This will, in fact, be your museum.

Please join us in our quest. Your participation and support is essential to its success.